Our Work

While we’ve served dozens of organizations over the past several decades including General Mills, Anthem, Departments of Transportation for MN and NV, and the MD, TX, OH, CT and NH Public Service Commissions, we have spent the last ten years working directly for American Water and Pepco Holdings on large-scale, multi-year, national projects. Our time at both gave us important perspective on leading and directing communications for Fortune 500 companies, answering to shareholders and board members, and working in a regulated environment.

Our work over the years has included issue-oriented communications, crisis management strategies, brand building and re-positioning programs, corporate reputation strengthening and repair, as well as results-driven customer education and consumer engagement campaigns.

We’ve developed countless external and internal brands, leading edge virtual annual reports, international brand-building events like the Bisquick NH Presidential Primary Pancake Flip-off and communications strategies for high-profile political candidates.

Our most recent and comprehensive examples are, of course, from the last two companies we dedicated all of our time to over the past decade, though we’re happy to talk about any of our other work, including some of our favorite videos and ads, or you can see what others say about us. Everything we’ve done – no matter what, which client, or where – has helped to shape us as the strategists we are today.