Transformational Strategies that Drive Results

Sometimes companies look to transform themselves; sometimes transformation arrives unexpectedly. Change is rarely easy and in either situation, the way a transformation is communicated to customers, employees and other key stakeholders is crucial to achieve successful outcomes. We know the challenge can be daunting because we’ve been there.

Strategic communication is an often-overlooked part of the process, but it is the one piece of the puzzle that can influence and help ensure a positive outcome, no matter what type of business challenge is occurring.

Our award-winning, customized communications services are considered best in class and we cover a wide range of business critical areas. Leaders we’ve worked with will tell you that we distinguish ourselves with our depth of experience in successfully navigating complex and goal-threatening business situations, and maximizing brand and reputation building opportunities from both an agency perspective and from inside Corporate America. No other agency “gets it” quite like we do because we’ve done it.

“Even in the worst of situations and facing an uphill battle, they drove a strategy that was truly transformational.”
— Lawrence C. Nussdorf, Chairman and CEO, Clark Enterprises, Inc.; former member, Board of Directors, Pepco Holdings, Inc.

Corporate Rebranding

Brands may need to evolve for a number of reasons and many may believe a corporate rebranding effort is as simple as updating or changing a logo. We know it is much more involved and never that simple. And it shouldn’t be simple. It’s an opportunity for an organization to tell its story, differentiate itself and speak to connect with customers and other key stakeholders.

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Corporate Reputation Repair

A company’s reputation is its life force and that is most apparent when problems arise or escalate quickly. Reputational turnaround campaigns are complex and communication missteps can easily make a bad situation worse.

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Mergers & Acquisitions Communications

A merger or acquisition announcement can cause disruption within a company and anxiety for shareholders, employees and other key constituencies. Generating support for this type of change is paramount to its success, especially within regulated industries.

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Initial Public Offering (IPO) Communications

Going public can be one of the most exciting and promising yet daunting times during the life of a company. It is also a time when effective communication strategy, planning and execution are at a business critical level.

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Crisis Communications

Nothing can test a company’s communication strategy quite like a time of crisis. Effective crisis communications planning and implementation are crucial to protecting the reputation of a company’s brand when the unexpected happens.

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Thought Leadership

Business growth can be supported in a variety of ways, and effectively positioning a company is a crucial business element. Finding opportunities in which to position company executives as thought leaders in their industry can be a powerful tool that may be going untapped.

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Media Training

Few things can be more detrimental to a brand than poor handling of a media inquiry or interview, especially if your company is in a time of crisis. The role of a company spokesperson is not only to properly position the organization and its response to a situation, but also to serve as the face of the company and the brand.

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Team Building & Analysis

Team dynamics are often a neglected or underestimated influence within a business. The way a team works together – or doesn’t work together – can impact employee retention, reputation and even profitability.

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Executive Coaching

Business today is in constant flux and company executives need to not only be able to deftly lead course, but also use effective communication to ensure stakeholder engagement.

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